Product Photography!


I apologize for the delay in updates, however I do have some exciting news! I’ve been taking the past few weeks and getting really involved with product photography! Not only that, but, I also got some business cards in the mail the other day!

Since I’m still in Portfolio building my prices are currently at a 40% discounted rate, but as I continue to shoot, the discount will slowly rise to my actual prices, so get your session set up while the discount is still in place! Here are the product photos I did for Cobblestone Tinkers Etsy page! (Link here!)

It always happens…


So, you know that moment when you’re looking for that thing you don’t really need, but you still want to have it for  a certain day, and you can’t find it until it magically appears out of thin air a few days or weeks later? I just recently went through that. I had remembered about some photos I had taken a year ago of some fireworks I wanted to share with you on here, but I couldn’t find them until just this week. The weirdest part, they were in a temporary file folder, so my computer should have dumped them after the first month rather than holding on to them for this whole year!

The Fourth Of July!


I hope everyone is excited for tomorrow! The fourth of July, and all the fireworks! Just to get you prepared for the awesomeness that are fireworks here’s a photo! I can almost smell the backyard cookouts and sparkler smoke!Fireworks 2013

Field Trip!


A week or two ago I had the pleasure of visiting a farm, and got some lovely photos of the local animals. Here are a few of the photos I snapped that day!




Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Shannon! She is a great friend of mine, and a lovely model! There will be more photos to follow, but I thought a quick sneak peak would be pretty fun for you!552

Oooh! Pretty!


So, the other day I was taking a walk, and I saw this beautiful flower growing in this small patch of sunlight! I was so lucky to spot it! Then, later that day, in contrast to that beautiful flower, I saw this artistic fungi. Personally, I hate fungi, but I really like the artistic aspect!

Sun Patch Flowers

Micro World Macro Ew

I take back that last post!


Yes the weather looks absolutely amazing, and everything is beautiful for a photographer, but the temperature may kill me. Oh well! It’s worth it for the vivid shots!

Here’s a photos of a beached shell just waiting for you to visit the beach!shell

This weather is fantastic!


It’s great to see all of these beautiful trees and flowers starting to bloom. I just want to give a friendly reminder to stop and smell the flowers at some point! Perhaps enjoy this picture of rather photogenic tea?Photogenic Tea

Up and Running!


Wow! These last few days have been really exciting! This website has taken a bulk of my time, and I’m still getting used to it!  The photos will continue to be updated as will the site! Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully we will be in touch!

You can help!

If you want to be a super huge help to me, please let me know of any issues you have with interacting with the site. (broken links, the galleries don’t respond, etc) You can use any of the methods here to contact me!

Hello, Hello, Hello!


This is it! The beginning!

This site is all bright and shiny still, so sit back and relax while I’m behind the scenes getting settled in! Come back soon to see how it all turns out!