Nick 2015

Nick Senior 2015


It’s Senior Season again!!!

Senior sessions are always a ton of fun to be a part of. As this is an incredibly exciting time for seniors and their families, these shoots are usually something to look forward to! Even when camera shy, it can still turn out to be a really fun day. If you’ve seen the other senior session post from last year you know these aren’t your average “take a seat, turn your head this way-oh wait- no turn it the other way- no- turn it more, okay smile(proceeds to grimace) CHEESE!” and done.

This part of a senior’s life should be remembered and cherished. These photos are an investment in preserving who they are and what they stand for, so years down the road you can see how much you grew and learned and changed. It is hard to get that much emotion out of a grimace. I am always so thrilled to get the opportunity to get to know these amazing young men and women and their families with stories from their past and the dreams for their future.

However, that’s just what goes on behind the camera.

Here I introduce you to Nick. He loves music and his awesome VW Van. He and his family ventured from the busy city to a more rural location and if you asked would probably say that it was quite the adjustment. I must say, I started the session with a terrible sun burn as I forgot sunscreen all day, but seeing Nick and his mother laughing and getting to capture this time of his life really made my day worth it, and when his father fearlessly drove into the park so we could get some shots of the van without the crowded parking lot in the background, that was great too. I didn’t know people did that until I actually looked around and saw some other cars parked next to pavilions! They may have had pavilions, but we had our little party, and I’ll bet they wished they could have had some awesome senior shots though.

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