Mini Shoot Madness!!

Mini Shoot

Just the other day I got to spend with the wonderful Nick and Jenny! We had a blast at their mini shoot and got to try some awesome poses and such! Jenny has modeled for me before, but Nick was new to the game. That didn’t stop him though! He jumped right in and had fun with it too!

It was really funny because we had such a fun happy backdrop, but Jenny kept insisting that Nick gave “the smolder.” To which he responded, “What is a smolder?” This would break us all down into giggles including my wonderful assistant who was a great help with the shoot. The sun was bright and cheery which let in beautiful light for the photos.

The photos from this shoot are much cooler in color than my normal portraits, but I really think it complements their glowing complections! Tell me what you think in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or Tweet me @CpopPhotography.


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