William’s Senior Photo Shoot!


I had an absolutely fantastic day with William last Friday. We met up at a local park and jumped right into some really fun photography! He brought his saxophone and played some music for a few of these photos to make them interesting and personal! He was really great with posing. By the end of his shoot, I would just say, “Coul…” and he would move precisely how I was going to ask. His posing was on par with a professional model, and he was so calm with it that it would be hard to think that this was his first time with his own photo shoot.
We also got to see some of the goodness in people when a random person walked up to ask if we knew about a lovely garden area close to where we were shooting. After thanking her, we went over to see and were able to get some more photos with a different backdrop.

Here are some of the photos from his shoot!
(Also, we agreed to split the shoot into two for my portfolio building, so you can expect to see more of William in my next post!)

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