Wonderful Weekend at Horror Hall

Snaps of life

I had a wonderful time volunteering as a photographer at Horror Hall in Nanticoke this past Saturday for the Kris Williams event they had. I met some of the wonderful actors and many interesting people excited to enter the haunted house! This was all early in the season, but I must say that Halloween is my favorite holiday! So, you can expect some fun photos coming up in the next month!

Sadly, I’m not able to post the photos from Horror Hall, but I am able to share some photos I took the other day while trying a fun experiment. The experiment was creating crystals that appeared to be frost by mixing soap and Epsom salt in boiling water. You then let the mixture cool and paint it on a window. As it cools it leaves a frosty look to the window. It was a blast to try and photograph!Almost IceAlmost Ice~ Blue

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