My name is Colleen, and I am so excited to see you visit my site! I am a local photographer for the Mountain Top/ Weatherly Area, but we can always work out traveling!


Now to get to know me:

I have been using my camera for about 5 years now, and I adore it! I love to take photos and capture the happy moments in life. My favorite color is blue, and most of my wardrobe shows that. I play a variety of musical instruments, but my first was trombone. I have a worse fear of swamps, mold, and insulation than I ever had of snakes, spiders, or the dark. I snowboard whenever I can, and in general try to treat life like one giant adventure! I love to draw, write, sing, dance, paint, and preform on stage. (I live off of the arts) My dream is to be a photographer and comedian. One half down!

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